Business of Planning Department

► Formulation of Annual Plan and Five Year Plans of N CT of Delhi.

► Monitoring, Appraisal & Review of Plan Schemes.

► Catalytic Role in introduction of new strategies and approaches in plan schemes.

► Release of funds to local bodies.

► Administration approval & Expenditure sanction of plan schemes / projects.

► Evaluation of Plan Schemes.

► Twenty Point Programme.

► Estimation & Monitoring of Financial Resources including Additional Resources Mobilization for Annual Plans & Five Year Plans of NCT of Delhi.

► Monitoring of physical & financial performance of public sector entities of GNCT of Delhi including Delhi Jal Board and Delhi Transport Corporation.

► Secretariat of the State Planning Board and Evaluation Advisory Committee.

► Management of Planning and Statistical Cadre.

► Manpower Planning and estimation of employment generation with reference to plan implementation.

Last Update Date :- 02-05-2018

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