Organisational Setup / Contacts
Designation Name Name


Sh. Sandeep Kumar, IAS

Phone : 23392130, 23392131 (Office) : 23392070 (FAX)

E-mail : psfin[at]nic[dot]in


Shri Ashok Kumar
Phone : 011-23392039
E-Mail : ashok[dot]k62[at]gov[dot]in

Joint Directors

Smt. Manju Sahoo

( Monitoring and Evaluation Unit , Resources )
Phone : 23392048

Shri D.B.Gupta

(Administration & Care Taking, e-Samiksha ,NGO Darpan and UT Progress Tracker Portal, Transport ,PWD ,Environment & Forest ,Education,TTE, Industries, F&CS, Development, Tourism and I&FC Sectors and Coordination)

Phone :- 23392139

Shri P. N Prusty

( Cadre Controlling Unit, DBT Portal, Health, Social, Dialouge & Development Commission of Delhi, UD, DJB,Power Revenue,Home etc Sectors  )


Deputy Directors

Shri Deepak Kumar

( Direct Benefit Transfer Portal,e-Samiksha ,NGO Darpan and UT Progress Tracker Portal, RTI-PIO, Environment & Forest , Development, Tourism and I&FC Sectors and Coordination)

Phone :- 23392352

Shri. Manish Dev

(Monitoring & Evaluation, Resources )

Phone :- 23392049

Assistant Directors


(Social Sector and Dialouge & Development Commission of Delhi)


(TTE, Industries, F&CS Sectors)


( Power Revenue,Home etc Sectors )


Smt. Rajni Govil

(Education Sector)


(Cadre Control Unit, RTI-APIO )

Shri Ashok Kumar

(Monitoring & Evaluation, DBT Portal)


Ms. Sasmita Sahoo

( Transport & PWD Sectors )

Accounts Officer


Statistical Officers

Sh. Rajesh Rathor (Cadre Control Unit)

Smt. Urmila Parashar (Resources)

Smt. Sushma Sharma (Monitoring & Evaluation, DBT Portal)

Shri Didar Singh (Tourism and I&FC Sectors ,Coordination and UT Progress Tracker Portal )

Shri Mukesh Sharma (UD & DJB Sectors)

Shri Sanjay Sharma (Health Sectors)

Shri Tarun Sharma ( Administration and Care Taking)

Ms. Manisa (e-Samiksha ,NGO Darpan Portal, Environment & Forest  and Development Sectors) 

Last Update Date :- 02-05-2018

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