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The Planning Department is responsible for preparation of Budget of Schemes/Programmes /Projectsimplemented in GNCTD of Delhi.This involves:- 

  • Estimation of Resources of the Govt. of NCT of Delhi.
  • Budget Estimation - Annual Outlay of various Programmes and Projects of GNCTD.
  • Sector / Department / Scheme-wise allocation of Approved outlay and Revised outlay.
  • Monthly monitoring and review of progress of implementation of various programmes and projects – Financial.
  • Quarterly Review of Outcome Budget to measure Physical progress.
  • Evaluation of selected projects / programmes.
  • Monitoring of Projects/Programmes announced in the Budget and Timelines of their implementation.
  • Scrutiny and advice:
  • Proposals for consideration of Council of Ministers
  • Proposals for consideration of Expenditure Finance Committee
  • Proposals for approval of new schemes/ projects
  • Proposals for release of fund under all the schemes/ projects.


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